What’s New in Flooring ?

AB Pure Rubber Flooring

Perfect colors

Colors that start perfect and stay perfect. Introducing
AB PURE™, a new collection of rubber flooring with
a revolutionary patent pending “color perfect” formulation.
A breakthrough in technology that delivers totally clean and
crisp colors along with unrivaled colorfastness.

Yellow should be a color,
not a side effect

When you decide to use a color, you want the perfect color you imagine, not one that is adulterated with yellow.

AB PURE™ colors show no trace of the yellow cast that typically dims the colors in rubber flooring. So white is as pure as the driven snow, neutrals are flawless, and brights more vivid than ever before.

Putting rubber flooring
in a good light

Exposure to UV rays has traditionally caused rubber flooring to fade over time.

AB PURE™’s perfect colors are exceptionally resistant to exposure to light, meaning the intensity of the original color and the integrity of the design are well preserved over time. So what you see is what you’ll continue to see – until you decide to redesign.  

 Created by designers for designers

For an architect or designer, selecting the perfect color is of
utmost importance. Color to calm, stimulate or simply to entertain and divert.

Available in 5 textures, our 36-color palette was created by designers for designers to encourage the imaginative harmonization of colorful elements in environments running from the institutional to the trendiest of spaces. In an exhaustive process, design experts from across North America were enlisted to compose a suite of colors that would respond to the real-world needs of design professionals and their clients.


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