US Made Resilient Flooring

Though there are “Manufacturers” that claim “US Made”  – there are only a handful that truly fall in to the category.

IVC US – itec Contract Flooring. (Sheet vinyl )  – Though originally made in Belgium, they built a plant in Dalton, GA.  They still have limited stock being sold that originated from Belgium but all goods are now 100% manufactured in the US.

Centiva – Point of production, Florence, AL – Two of their lines are actually made in the US:

Vinyl floor tile and vinyl plank (Contour & Event Series)


American Biltrite (Estrie Flooring) – Rubber flooring (Marathon and AB Pure), Solid vinyl (Texas Granite) and Stonescape/Viera (no PVC/VOC ).

All manufactured in Sherbrooke, Canada

Favored Nation Status (products manufactured in other countries that the US monitors and sanctions – the US considers this product “US Made” and qualifies to be installed in all government facilities)

Avion Commercial Flooring – actually made in S.Korea. Vinyl plank and vinyl tile available. Great commercial applications due to their: Ceramic Bead finish – 2000 psi static load – Anti-microbial – KNOWN recycling content (meets LEED).

“this list is not a complete list and we will add more once we verify all stages of manufacturing..”


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