Product Making the Grade

“Avion” Resilient Flooring

Introducing Avion LVT/LVP!

Our industry demands an LVT line that can live up to the quality and specifications our customers are looking for.

Avion worked with focus groups (Designers, Architects, Contractors, Facility Managers and Maintenance Department Managers)  that demand high performance in the products that are installed in their facilities.  Hospitals, retail stores, retirement communities, colleges and other facilities that put flooring to the test with high traffic are in need of products that perform to the test of time, don’t require wax, meet LEED qualifications, and hold up to heavy traffic/static loads. They need a flooring product that gives them a greater return on their investment by keeping initial install cost down and lowering maintenance costs incurred during the life of the product.

Avion has dedicated a lot of time researching and partnering with top experts in the resilient industry in order to find the right product that meets these needs. Through this research, they have found the formula that meets the above expectations.

Some key features of the new Avion line include:

  • Wide color and style choices
  • TRUE wax-free maintenance
  • PU coated with ceramic bead finish (for incredible resistance to scratches and wear)
  • Known 50% recycled content that meets LEED.
  • 2000 psi  Static Load
  • Antimicrobial (ideal for Medical Facilities)
  • 30mil, 20mil, and 12mil  wear layers for a wide range of facility uses.
  • Click System (Avenue line) that has amazing structural stability and is ideal when moisture concerns are present.

Visit Avion at:


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