About Us

Welcome and thank you for visiting The Flooring Advisor.    Whether it be because of a flooring problem or you simply want advice as to what type of flooring you should purchase.  We are here to help!

There is a group of us that monitor this site. We are all willing to share our knowledge and/or advise regarding any hard surface flooring questions you may have. We are experienced professionals within the flooring community and have a wide variety of expertise with hard surface flooring both residential and commercial.  For the professional Architect/Designer/Contractor, know that most of us have worked within the A&D community and can assist with product specifications if needed.  Additionally, we can research any VE opportunities you may wish to present.

I myself have been professionally involved in the flooring industry for most of my adult life. My personal experience ranges from residential/commercial flooring installing to flooring inspections… and everything in between. Some of my flooring credits and education include:

NWFA Certified Inspector / NOFMA Certified Flooring Inspector / FAS Certified / Director of Technical Services for a national flooring distributor and a worldwide flooring company / VP of Sales and Technical Services for a commercial resilient flooring distributor/ Director of Technician Standards for a national installation group… to just name a few.

Ask any flooring question on our blog, prior to making your next move.  If you have a flooring issue, check with us before you hire an inspection service. We may be able to point you in the right direction and save you money! Looking for flooring? Check with us first for the most reputable companies.  Have a commercial establishment and looking for the right resilient flooring to fit the need? We have great contacts that supply LVT, solid vinyl (high gloss – no wax), VOC/PVC Free and rubber flooring to the Healthcare, Retirement, Educational, Retail and Residential communities.

As the industry and technology changes, so will we.  Please visit us often for updates, articles, advise or any flooring questions you may have.
Thanks again for joining and hope we can “chat” soon!

Jack Racine

The Flooring Advisor


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